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Free Website Performance Testing

When being interviewed by a business team for a website redesign project, someone stated: “My web designer continues to charge me for things that I really do not understand. You really have to trust that your web development guy knows what they are doing. So, why should I use your services over my current website agency?”

This was a perfect time to share my “go to” free online testing tools developed by unbiased programming experts: W3C Markup Validation Service and GTmetrix

It’s always fun and often surprising to review my competitor’s website performance in comparison to my own website.

W3C Markup Validation Services

To stay competitive, many marketing and advertising agencies now offer web design services. Often these firms use content management systems (CMS)or out source programming websites. Without having appropriate programming skills, WSIWIG (what you see is what you get) editors available in CMS often lead to many HTML5 coding errors. These “red” errors will lower search engine rankings. “Yellow” warnings, however, have insignifiant affect on serach engine rankings and can be ignored.

Check your own website and your web designer’s website here: W3C Markup Validation Service .

GTMetrix Speed Tests

GTMetrix website speed test actually performs two simultaneous tests, Google’s PageSpeed test and Yahoo&rsqo;s YSlow test. Both of these stringent tests have a rating scale from 0 - 100% and show page load time in seconds. Practical goal is not to get 100%, but to have at least a B 80% or above rating. For example, YSlow emphasis in on using a content delivery network (CDN). CDN setup can be costly and not nescessary for a lower traffic volume website.

Benchmarking Sapphire Falls web Design

href="https://sapphire-falls.com/">Sapphire Falls Web Design officially released a new #responsive website powered by Gantry 5 framework. No HTML5 coding errors were found when running W3C Markup Validation. GTmetrix website performance test results from 2/9/2018:

  • Google PageSpeed = 88%
  • Yahoo! YSlow = 86% (without CDN)
  • Page Load Time = 2.0 seconds

…exceptional results considering no implementation of a computer distributed network (CDN) used to increase image download speed and a large file video running in background. Website speed is just one of many parameters important in search engine optimization (SEO) for achieving better website ranking.

Need help to improve performance of your business website? Request a Quote from Sapphire Falls Web Design.

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